The Next Big Thing, Blog Hop!

There are many books out there that everyone has heard of… Harry Potter, Twilight, and Fifty Shades of Gray. But what about all of those books written by people you’ve never heard of?  Some of them are really good pieces of reading, just waiting to be found, and that’s what this blog hop is all about:  the books you might not have heard about, but that you might end up loving.

This blog hop is sort of like a game of tag.  One author posts and tags authors who link back to their website the next week and tag new authors. If you follow the blog hop long enough, you’re bound to find some books you’ll love! Maybe you’ll even discover a book that ends up being the next big thing! 

I was tagged by Abbey Algiers. You can learn more about her newly published book, The Great Search on her website,

The blog hop includes questions to help you learn more about an author’s present work or work in progress. Here’s a little info about what I’m working on:

1. What projects are you working on now? I am living and breathing the promotion of my new book release When Bluebirds Fly as well as working on the 2nd Edition on 99 Ways to Make a Flight Attendant Fly—Off the Handle! My ideas for a third book? My genres are so different, I’m thinking of writing something to connect the two—a book on the humorous affects of bereavement?  

2. Is When Bluebirds Fly based on your story? Every event in my book either happened to me or my husband. The viewpoint and emotions narrated by my husband (through me) were either relayed to me by him or I observed them myself. There is one disclaimer: Act II (pages 348-350) is faithfully imagined by the author.

4. If (your book) would be made into a movie, who would play the main characters? My book is ideal for a movie because of the fictional feel to it. When Bluebirds Fly has a storyline, dialogue, different characters, and a surprise ending which all lend to a great screenplay. Who would play my husband and I?  Christian Bale and Erin Broderick.

5. How long did take you to write your books? 99 Ways…took six months. When Bluebirds Fly took 17 years of writing, rewriting…and not writing.  

6.  What advice do you have for others who want to write a book? Don’t just talk about it, do it. Pick a specific time and day of the week to sit in front of that computer and let those words flow from the recesses of your mind into print. 

7. Finally, when do you do your writing? I write first thing in the morning when my mind is fresh. It’s just like jogging for me—if I wait too long, I won’t do it.

Below you’ll find two other authors who are on the Blog Tour! Be sure to check out their links and books!

Authors: Jack Burch & James D. King

Book: The Ghost Burglar: Master Thief, Ruthless Con Man, and Cold-Blooded Killer


Author:  Sheryl Hill    

Book:  Walking on Sunshine: NRG a Divine Transformation

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