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When Bluebirds FlyWhen Bluebirds Fly speaks of the unspeakable—the death of a child—from the parents’ perspective, and shares the journey of sibling grief through their observations of their eldest son.  JoAnn and Dick, a skeptic by nature, recount the inspirational after-death communications and spiritual visitations that could not be explained through coincidence. This is a gift for the bereaved parents and siblings of the world. Poignant statements from first responders portray an untold story, leading to a place of closure.  One can only conclude that the future can’t always be controlled, but must be accepted. This is a gift for the firefighters, doctors, babysitters, and Good Samaritans who have felt unwarranted guilt through their failed heroic attempts to save a life.

The path is pain and healing, the destination is hope and acceptance.  This is a gift for anyone who wants to find light through their darkness.

This book has a last page, but there is no end—the final revelation gently unfolds in the journey.

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