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As an emergency physician who deals with unfortunate death all too often, I highly recommend this book for anyone seeking hope amid unspeakable pain. When Bluebirds Fly is a compelling journey that provides unusual insight into parental and sibling grief. Most importantly, this is a true inspiration for healing. If you’ve ever lost a loved one—especially a child—this book will change you.
~ Randy Pilgrim, MD, FACEP, FAAFP; CEO and Chief Medical Officer Schumacher Group

Losing a child is the most terrible story anyone can tell and the Devenys convey both the sweetness of their son and the horror of their loss—and the difficulty of the long, long road bereaved parents must walk ever after.
~ Al Sicherman, Columnist, Minneapolis Star Tribune and
bereaved father

I could not put this book down. It is an amazing book….written with such truth and compassion. It touched my heart and soul because the story was written in such a real and honest way. It made me gain an appreciation of what people go through when losing a loved one—especially a child. Thank you, JoAnn for writing this! I’m certain it will touch many lives in the future and give people light through their darkness. Anne Schneider, LPN

Best book I ever read!….I read the book in one day and could not put it down until I was finished. I feel family members and friends will have such a better understanding of what parents are going through when they lose a child. The pain and honesty is going to help so many people. Thank you, JoAnn. Lisa Fabel

I’m no book critic, but I had a hard time putting When Bluebirds Fly down. JoAnn’s ability to draw the reader into her personal thoughts, feelings, and grief is remarkable. As I read each page, I found myself recalling so many of the raw emotions, thoughts, and conversations of my own grief. This book has touched me deeply. I want to thank JoAnn for allowing me to grieve with her, and again with myself. The book has helped me understand many of the things I experienced and certainly has given me greater understanding and empathy for anyone who deeply grieves the loss of a loved one, no matter the age. I salute JoAnn for sharing her deepest emotions with the world and I hope to see When Bluebirds Fly on the best seller list soon! Mary Walther; Executive Assistant, Schumacher Group

When Bluebirds Fly is very well written, and I believe it can help so many people who have gone through similar situations. I loved how JoAnn brings in other points of view- the fisherman, the babysitter, the doctor, etc.- It covers so many different perspectives and feelings. Abbey Algiers, author of The Great Search

I couldn’t put this book down! Not only do you learn how deep the grief is of losing a child traumatically, but how to be sensitive to those that have and how the entire family unit is effected. JoAnn is not only a talented writer but has amazing strength, insight, and faith. Great book for those who have lost a loved one, book clubs, emergency personnel, pastors and hospital chaplains,—for EVERYONE! K.G.

It usually takes me several weeks to read a book. JoAnn’s book took me only 1 week. I couldn’t put it down. JoAnn & Dick’s journey from beginning to end was not only heart wrenching but amazing. I can’t begin to imagine the pain and sorrow they experienced. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has lost a child, no matter at what age. JoAnn, you are an amazing woman and an inspiration to us all. Thank you so much for the willingness to share your life and the life of Dick, Danny and most importantly your precious baby boy Billy. Molly Dvorak

When I did put this book down, it was all I could think about. If you have ever lost someone or know someone who has lost a loved one you need to read this book. It is heart-wrenching. It is heart-warming. It is enlightening…I don’t have the words. JoAnn let’s us see everything her family went through with a talent that I obviously don’t have. I love this book. What a strong woman you are JoAnn. Kathy Minahan, avid reader, flight attendant and mother

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