Share your loved ones story–you are not alone

The last few years of selling, signing and marketing my book, When Bluebirds Fly, has been very busy–and rewarding. And the most rewarding of all are letters from my readers.
In the beginning, my purpose for writing my inspirational memoir was to memorialize Billy and to take the pain out of my soul and put it on paper. That way I could place it on a bookshelf when needing a reprieve from my grief, knowing I could take it down and open the cover when needing to remember.
By the time I finished my manuscript, my motivation had changed. I was inspired to give hope to the newly bereaved and let them know that they will find joy in their lives and they will see their children again.
That is why I have decided (with their permission) to share the letters from my readers and those who chance upon my website. Their thoughts and words give validation to those who are going through that dark journey of bereavement. Please email me if you’d like your story shared, your loved one remembered or to support the newly bereaved.
Let them know that they are not alone.

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